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. this will be the second strike this month. nurses at two san jose hospitals operated by hospital corporation of america will also walk out tomorrow. they have hired replacement nurses. >>> man arrested at oakland international airport for wearing a suspicious watch will not face charges. today the district attorney declined to file charges against john i am -- against him. he is an artist who made this watch and he was told that it was okay to wear on the plane. >>> deputy accused of robbing a bank is out on jail. ktvu's david stevenson looked into this and is here with what he learned. >> reporter: we were first to report on the arrest of a sheriff's deputy at this jail. we learned today what may be ahead for him. >>> there was no answer at the home today. the 36-year-old is the bank robber seen in this bank robber photo. he was arrested friday morning and charged with felony burglary -- felony and burglary. he made bail and left the jail. >> my expectation would be that an officer or a deputy who is unfortunate to have these allegations against him or her would be treated the same. >> reporter: he re
to and from the east coast were canceled. at san jose one jet flight was canceled and in oakland one flight that was supposed to leave tonight has been canceled. >>> on wall street the stock market reopened after being closed two days. the dow fell ten points, the nasdaq was also down about ten but the s&p500 rose a fraction. >> a school district facing a lawsuit connected a 1990 sex abuse scandal. two women claim the former superintendent, former principal and former assistant principal failed to take action against accused teacher daniel witters chosing to protect their jobs instead of the students. >> a judge has ruled that victims of that deadly san bruno explosion can press for punitive damages. pg&e has settled dozens of claims from that explosion that killed eight people, injured many more and destroyed 38 homes. another 350 claims are headed for trial this january. plaintiffs say the blast was the result of intentional disregard for public safety. they want punitive damages pg&e as well as compensation. pg&e claims that the explosion was an accident. >> the damage from that east
the woman from a shopping center in have a layio. he faces 10 felony counts. police in san jose are searching for two men who held up a jewelry store at gunpoint. two armed men, wearing masks and hood sweatshirts entered the store about 10:15 this morning. police say they approached the store owner who also had a gun, and the three exchanged gunfire. the would-be robbers then took off empty-handed. >> we have officers looking for witnesses. others are searching for video that could possibly help us in the investigation, and we also have officers canvassing the area, looking for possible suspects. >> they're still trying to find the suspects. no injuries were reported. >>> san francisco general hospital is demanding compensation from the los angeles dodger for the treatment of brian toe. they are -- brian stow. they are seeking 1.2 million. >> i do think the level of care that i know he has received since over an entire baseball season now, the billed a up, and i do think that there is some negligence case that they probably have. >> the hospital wants the money from former dodge
the rain moving into san jose right now. the san francisco commute. we are seeing shower activity south towards san jose. it is light right now. half moon bay, showers up there as well. this scattered showers activity, this area, this area, west side of san jose swings through the bay area. more untable weather. cool air. -- unstable weather. cool air. expecting snow level down to 3500 feet. it is a cold one and not going away. i will have more details in a few minutes. >> coming up, we will take you up to the sierra where it is snowing right now. one news crew says they got stuck today because of the snow. we will hear from them in 9 minutes. >>> student protest wrapped up at university of california at berkeley today. they want tuition cut now that prop 30 passed. ktvu's sal castaneda is live with how today's action is a far cry from what happened a year ago. >> reporter: for one thing the protesters have left, although these are a lot of students walking by, walk ugway from -- walking away from class. they say they were protesting to make higher education affordable to all. >> report
. >> not a big deal at all. >> also checked in, oakland international as well as mineta san jose. and live tonight in sfo, mike meback ktvu news. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storms. a lot of rain this morning, what's next? >> there's more rain. we have raib coming. -- rain coming. that's the first but we're getting breaks. show you what i mean. this is what went through this morning. it was a little less potent. and we thought we may see an inch and a half of rain. and most places are tenth an inch. and it materialized close to 55 miles an hour. here's what i'm talking about. you see the gap, 5-600 gaps. that's the break we're talking about. things will have a chance to calm down before system number two rolls in here. this system right here, it's a little bit different in that it has moisture. it has a little bit -- it has more moisture. it has stronger dynamics than the last system. it will get here and have a huge impact on your friday morning commute. we'll have more on that. the bay area winds, we have gusts up to 42 miles an hour in places like san francisco. w
area volunteers already on the east coast. >>> hundreds of people gathered in san jose in the hope of getting an affordable mortgage. they brought their tax returns and bank statements to the convention center. the neighborhood assistance corporation of america organized the save the dream event to help people keep their homes. bank of america, chase and others met with homeowners working to lower their interest rates or lower the principal. >> i have been through a divorce and desperate to change -- lower my interest rate. >> i 82 82 -- i couldn't believe it, they took my loan down to 2%. >> save the dream continues through next monday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >>> a loss today because of weakness in the upperren markets. sun power posted a lost of 41 cents a share. they estimated a loss of 21 cents a share. before the report was released stock closed up 25 cents a share. on wall street today, positive reports on jobs, manufacturing helped push stocks up. the dow is up 136 to 13,232. the nasdaq is up 42 at 3,020. the s&p is up 15 to 1,427. >>> in or out? yes or no. >> governor j
and killed during an apparent carjacking attempt in san jose. police say rory park pet iford was shot between two men in the middle of a violent crime spree. they killed him outside of a 7- eleven. investigators say the two suspects later opened fire on a police officer. that officer will be okay. one of the suspects was arrested that's night, bit authorities are still looking for the second man. >>> members of the animal rights group peta demonstrated outside of a bibe store -- bebe store in san francisco today. they held signs discouraging shoppers from going into the store on grant avenue. the group says the rob it fur used for the trim on some clothes comes from animals in china that are abused and killed inhumanely. >> we have shared footage with bebe executives of any malls being strangled, electrocuted, and sometimes even skinned alive for their fur, but the business still continues to support this crew elindustry, and that's why we're -- cruel industry of fur, and that's why we're here today. >> when we contacted bebe about the protests, their response was "no comment." >>> a new expe
.m. we will have more reaction, live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the final push is on, by tomorrow polls will have closed in dozens of states. we have team election coverage, with mitt romney's campaign and president obama's campaign. ktvu's ken pritchett in chicago and the three key swing states the president visited today. ken? >> reporter: the president will not arrive in chicago till after midnight so we talked to campaign volunteers. some from california here in chicago, focused on swing states. [ music playing ] >> reporter: president obama started his day with bruce springsteen in wisconsin. >> are you fired up? >> yeah. >> are you ready to go? >> yeah. >> reporter: then it was on to ohio with a final planned stop in iowa. in chicago, behind closed doors the stage was being set for his rally, will it be a victory or concession speech? >> i am scared. >> that was not unique. >> that is fantastic. >> reporter: volunteers were making final calls of the campaign. >> i think everyone is pulling together to get this done. >> reporter: she is from san francisco.
. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in san jose, police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who killed a man in san jose this morning. the collision took place just after 6 a.m. on allen rock avenue near the intersection with jackson avenue. police say the man was crossing about 30 feet away from the crosswalk and died at the scene. investigators say they don't have a whole lot to go on. >> all we have on that vehicle is it's a dark-colored sedan, unknown make or model. we're still talking to witnesses right now. >> a second vehicle also hit the man. that driver stopped and cooperated with police. >>> earlier this morning, divers recovered the body of a 59-year-old man from a quarry in oakland. he apparently fell from a cliff above. this is all right next to the rockridge shopping center. authorities say andrew malyon's roommate told them he had gone to look for his cat last night in the rain and never returned. the fire department called in the sheriff's dive team and just after midnight, they located him, underwater, after a five-hour search. >> it's raining and it's wet back there,
fire in san jose damaged a beauty shop. it broke out about 4:00 a.m. this morning. firefighters think the fire is suspicious in part because they smelled gas at the scene. but that is not the only reason. >> we had a fire in september. not sure on the cause of that fire. >> there were no reports of any injuries in this latest fire. >>> residents in oakland awoke to find their cars had been broken into. the windows were splashed up and down the street. some of the glass littering the streets here. police received 5 reports but can't say if anything was taken. >> one person who lived his entire life in oakland says the violence is the worse heench seen following -- he has ever seen following a shoot out. ktvu's sal castaneda shows us where it happened. sal? >> reporter: this stretch of 580 here is where the shooting started. last night at 830 p.m. and police and chp are looking for those shooters. >> reporter: when officers arrived they found two abandon crashed cars riddled with bullets. the chp says last night about 8:30 p.m. two cars entered interstate 580 at edwards and began exchan
department is suing ebay. the fwovt alleges san jose tech giant has an anti competitive greement with into it incorporated. federal prosecutors say the two companies agreed not to hire each other's employees that reportedly lower the valuely and benefits of workers. enforcing the anti competitive agreement. the companies have not respond to the lawsuit filed in san jose federal court. >>> federal anti trust regulators have given their okay to take over dollar thrifty rent a car. that ends the process. to get approval hertz agreed to sell an additional 13 airport locations. the acquisition makes hertz the second largest car rental company behind enterprise. >>> well, parents all those swimming lessons you paid for just might pay off. researchers in australia say kids who learn to swim at a young age reached develop mental milestones earlier and gained skills faster. the study looked at kids ages 3 to 5. they scored higher than nonswimmers in oral expression and in motor skills such as cutting paper or draug. >>> sound familiar, an outage at the dmv. we investigate what's behind th
departing flights are also being impacted. at oakland and san jose airports there are 15-minute delays. and a reminder you can get weather updates by going to, look for the storm track sterling. >> the pilot of a small plane is recovering after making an emergency landing in a marsh. this happened around 11:00 a.m. the pilot was forced to make what they call a controlled crash. the aircraft hit a ditch and spun around. the pilot was the only person in the plane. neighbors who heard the plane take off say they realized something was wrong. >> heard this aircraft before and lost into the weather and this rain just about similar to what we're experiencing now. then heard the engine cut out. >> fire crews are checking the sight for possible fuel spills. investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. >>> developing news. about 30 minutes ago we heard of an agreement for operations to resume after a strike crippled the port operations all day long. eric rasmussen is live at the port. temperaturers sure boiled over. >> reporter: a lot of people fired from the people picketing
is right. >> reporter: outside the store in san jose customers were encouraged to shop elsewhere. folks honked their horns in support. they are protesting cuts to health benefits, as well as the plan to eliminate premium pay for sundays. she shows us a picture of her daughter saying she is doing it for her family. >> i think it is coming soon. sales are dropping. >> reporter: they are saying it is unfortunate the union denied their employees the right to vote yet ask them to go on strike. our company must reduce our operating costs to become more competitive. . >> reporter: the first strike related arrest in the bay area was here today earlier. a union officer is accused of punching an employee who crossed the picket live. back out here live, things heated up in the last 10-15 minutes. at last word, no new negotiations are planned. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the grand opening of a restaurant in the east bay that has people lining up, coming up. >>> officials are looking into the mortgage practices of wells fargo's unit. the bank yesterday confirmed that it is being probed over w
there are any other suspects. >>> san jose firefighters put out a fire at a house where marijuana plants were growing inside. a man living at the home called 911 about 2:00 a.m. this morning after light smoke was spotted coming from the garage. firefighters put the flames out and found a small marijuana growing operation. but san jose police tell ktvu it was actually a legal grow and a person at the home has a medical marijuana crowd. >>> the crack down on bath salt. police released this picture today from a sting. officers seized spice and bath salt. police say bath salts have been linked to suicides and bizarre behavior. >>> testimony is under the way in the trial of two suspects for a killing. the defendants face several charges including gang participation and murder. in opening statements prosecutors said the victims were gunned down because they were wearing red. defense attorneys say they are former gang members who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. >>> man is accused of trying to ship illegal drugs to the philippines. according to the district attorney's office he tried to sh
shopping season starting early. . >>> and new information tonight about a shooting that injured a san jose police officer. what we've learned about the suspected gunman. >> if i can get closure to this, maybe i would feel better. >> an oakland family searches for answers after a carport fire destroys their vehicle. what investigators have uncovered so far. . >>> good evening. more and more shoppers are unwilling to wait for black friday, and instead, are getting an early start, a really early start on their holiday gift buying. ktvu's cara lui is live in san francisco, where some people have already checked off several names on their list. >> reporter: still busy out here right now. if you take a look, lot of shoppers outside macy's right now. if you look across the street, union square, very busy right now also. looking down, a steady stream of cars in and out of the parking garage. san francisco's cable cars, crowds, tree at the center of union square are part of the holiday shopping tradition for many here in the bay area. >> we came to have some fun with the kids and take a look at the
on the delay by police in responding to the scene. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the city attorney in oakland has finalled papers opposing a federal takeover of the oakland police department. the plaintiffs have asked for a court appointed receiver to take over the department because they claim the department hasn't fulfilled all the requirements. the city attorney says appointing a receiver would be inappropriate and might make it harder for the city to comply. >>> police today arrested two people suspected in the killing of a man. investigators say felicia viscania and joshua perry shot vaugn walker after an argument over money. walker died shortly afterward at the hospital. it's unclear how the suspects knew walker. both suspects are expected to be charged with murder. >> one that has taken over america's economic debate is the fiscal cliff. it's the drastic automatic spending cuts and tax cups that will take effect. a washington correspondent explains the sense of urgency. >> reporter: now that the election is over this is washington's next fight. tackling
this afternoon blocking three lanes of traffic in san jose. the collided with a truck this afternoon. the chp issued a sig alert. all lanes were open by 3:00 p.m. and no one was injured. >>> furious members of congress heard testimony about the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi, libya that killed four americans. the report from washington on the angry exchange of words and when they will hear from former cia director david petraeus. >> reporter: we learned at the hearing secretary of state hillary clinton will it testify about the attacks next month. some say that is not soon enough. >> reporter: in a hearing, they said the obama administration was warned about the security in libya and ignored requests for additional protection. >> this administration, including the president himself, has intentionally misinformed, read that, to the american people in the after math of this tragedy. >> reporter: the hearing became a political back and forth between republicans and democrats. >> it is not who the guilty party is, it is you. it is us. it is this committee. >> reporter: this week committees in
- year-old man and shot and wounded a san jose police officer. moldro was arraigned on charges including murder with special circumstances and attempted murder of a peace officer. his alleged accomplice, 26-year- old jonathan wilbanks has already been arraigned but did not enter a plea. >>> happening now in oakland, a dedication concert is getting under way for the victims of april's deadly shooting rampage at oikos university. they're dedicating a memorial garden to remember the victims. you see the vigil happening here. seven people were killed, three others were injured. former nursing student goh is being held without bail but his criminal proceedings are on hold due to questions about his mental competency to stand trial. >>> our storm watch coverage continues with reporter david beanick live along highway 70 in plumas county to show us why residents are concerned. >> reporter: good afternoon, we're expecting upwards of 15 to 20-inches here in the feather river canyon which may cause the feather river blind behind me to rise quickly. this time the threat may come from the hillside
. >> for san jose and other fire departments it starts a shift toward structure fires. >> our patrols that are four- wheel drive, off-road, we start considering taking the apparatus and putting them out of sidelines for the winter -- service and redeploying them. >> reporter: today, cal fire lifted a local ban on open burning that was good news for farmers, anxious to get rid of trimmings and diseased wood, not just to eliminate the fire danger. >> it is good. you can also eliminate other problems, like animals coming around and testing the area. myself, i like to try to put it in an area that is safe and away from other hazardous areas. >> reporter: cal fire says it still has 100 permanent staff in the bay area and can mobilize quickly in case of a major fire or weather related disaster. >>> in a move to avoid further damage brought on by doping allegations, lance armstrong is cutting all ties with his cancer fighting charity. he has resigned from the board of directors for livestrong. he had stepped down as chairman, but kept a seat on the board. he resigned to spare the organizatio
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